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Camo Dipping

Be sure to check out our full selection of camo patterns, shown below the photos.

We have several dozen different camo patterns, shown below. Click on a pattern to enlarge it, to make sure it's the pattern you like.

If you have other products you would like dipped in camo, we can do it. Examples: guns, bows, motorcycle fenders. Please call first to confirm.

Camo Patterns

All Purpose Brown
All Purpose Green
Blaze Orange
Duck Blind
Extra Grey II
Hardwoods Snow
HD Hardwoods Brown
HD Hardwoods Green
HD Repeat
Kings Field Shadow
Max 1
Max 4
Mothwing Winter Mimicry
New Breakup
New Shadow Grass
Next Vista
Old Breakup
Pink Blaze
Timber's Edge XD
True Timber Conceal
True Timber MC2
True Timber MC2 Snow
2nd Power Brown
2nd Power Green
AP Snow
Mossy Oak Blaze Winter
Muddy Girl


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